Macau has been my base for the past 14 years. As a professional photographer living and working in this former Portuguese colony, located in southern China, I’ve had the opportunity to work on a variety of interesting projects. The type of work I’m often working on ranges from the construction and opening of new casinos and resorts, hotel photography, architecture, fashion, documentary, portraits, as well as lots of food and restaurants.

Macau’s geographic location allows me to quickly get to other cities within greater China as well countries¬† throughout Asia. With its shared land border with Mainland China as well as its close proximity to Hong Kong I often work on projects in these areas on a regular basis.

With over 25 years in Asia, my camera guided me to some astounding locations and has allowed me to meet and photograph many fascinating people.

Choosing Macau to base myself, like many of my life’s decisions, was completely serendipitous. At the time I was living in Shanghai, China when I was asked to help launch a new magazine in Macau called Destination Macau. The publication was a focused on Macau’s culture, business and development. With all the new resorts and casinos coming online we had plenty to report on. The launch went well and my photographic style appealed to both the publisher and readers so I was asked to join as a full time member of the team as the director of photography.

After a few years of producing this magazine another project came along to launch another publication focused on food and restaurants. The magazine’s name was TK (Tasting Kitchen) and has become one of the regions premier food publications garnering many awards for its photography and design. I continue to dedicate a large portion of my time in the creation of this by-monthy periodical.