Alien spotting along the Extraterrestrial Highway in Nevada.

Ever since I was a kid I loved road trips through the desert. I also love anything involving little green men from outer space. Combine those two elements and you have the makings of a wonderful drive.

Roadside stop where you can buy Alien Jerky.

The dessert, and more specifically, the skies around Area 51, which is part of the United States Air Force’s Nevada Test and Training Range, are rumored to be full of Extraterrestrial activity. Area 51 is believed by many to be a top secret base where Extraterrestrial technology and captured outer space visitors are being held in captivity. The US government only acknowledged the existence of the base a few years ago.

Nevada Route 375 also known as the Extraterrestrial Highway.

I wasn’t sure what I would find along the ET Highway but my hope was, of course, to spot a UFO or some little men with oversized heads or at the very least some interesting and quirky roadside stops. As I was about to enter the ET Highway I thought it would be wise to give my wife a call to let her know where I was and where I was going. Just in case she didn’t hear back from me she would know that I had been abducted and wouldn’t be back until the Aliens finished with all their experiments and hopefully without any probing.

Actual life along the Extraterrestrial Highway.

I suppose it won’t surprise anyone to hear that I not only was not abducted but didn’t see anything resembling at extraterrestrial beings. I did, however, find several roadside curiosities with each containing a plethora of souvenirs ranging from mugs to t-shirts to alien jerky. I bought some alien jerky.

An alien megastore located along the ET Highway.

The ET Highway skirts along the edge of the large military base which contains Area 51. The Air Force uses the base to test advanced “human” made aircraft but many believe it’s actually used to reverse engineer alien aircraft they have captured cruising over the desert. It’s probably true.

Further up the road I arrive at Rachel, Nevada. Rachel has fewer than 100 residents and is home to the A’le’Inn, a little restaurant that features a variety of alien inspired dishes. I was hungry so thought I’d get a burger. But I couldn’t decide between the Saucer Burger and Alien Burger. The Saucer Burner came with fries but the Alien Burger included Alien Sauce. When I inquired about the Alien Sauce the waitress said, without any embellishment, “It’s thousand island dressing”. I chose the Saucer Burger.

In front of the A’Le’Inn is a tow truck parked and holding a captured flying saucer. Proof that aliens do exist.

A captured flying saucer on display at the A’Le’Inn, Rachel, Nevada.
Proof that aliens exist.

After devouring my Saucer Burger I hit the road and continued my search for alien life. No luck this time but I’ll return again.